Understanding Twin Flames

So many of my clients have come to see me because they are confused about being a twin flame.

Some however are not even aware that they are a twin flame. They have come to me caught up in an internal dilemma, of not fully understanding themselves or the relationship they find themselves drawn towards.  Often this unexplainable feeling for the other person seems out of place and overwhelming, even after just meeting.

Below is a brief explanation to help you understand what it might feel like if you meet your own twin flame.

Understanding Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flames are said to have been created as a single soul but later divided into two, each part was released to the world in different situations; financially, geographically, socially to enable them grow and mature independently.

The two souls are supposed to live life on their own terms and develop their characters while learning essential life lessons, after which they are to come together and unite once more into one. At this point they are able to live peacefully bringing with them their different skills and abilities, this way they are able to complement each other.

Unexplainable bond

When the twin flame couple meets, there is an unexplainable connection between them. It is a deep, affectionate and comfortable feeling that simply draws them towards each other and it can be described as irresistible. The feeling is quite natural and there is no pressure on the two to be together, they just experience a mutual feeling to be together and this is attributed to the fact that they once were one soul.

It is said that since they were one at a point in time, a magnetic attraction between them exists and when they make contact in life the magnetic attraction takes effect and the two will simply want to be one again.  Twin flame sexual attraction is quite different, rather than be all physical, it is the complete merger of  body, mind and soul.

Things feel right

The twin flames might have had relationships with different people before meeting, but on a s subconscious level they always knew there was something missing or something wasn’t quite right, as if they always knew there was someone else out there for them.

On meeting, the twin flames are believed to experience a soothing sensation of consent that everything has finally fallen into place and they have met their other half. The feeling is beyond them, an unexplainable knowing that everything is right.

No matter the challenges and obstacles they face in life, the two are always willing to stand together and can overcome them just to be together and never be separated again.

Unexplained readiness for each other

Despite life circumstances and barriers such as distance, language barrier, different social backgrounds, lifestyles and age the universe still aligns itself to bring the two together and these barriers do not hinder their unity.

In one way or the other, they still end up being together. Twin flames do what they can to overcome language barriers, social barriers and physical location to ensure they can be together.

Experience telepathy

Sometime even after their first meeting, the two will seem to develop irresistible feelings towards each other and start feeling as if the other is with them physically. Distance may not be able to take away this feeling because it is not only physical but emotional and spiritual.  Therefore not matter what path life takes them on a mental connection continues to draw them together, keeping them on each other’s minds.

Some twin flames have reported experience a physical connection even in dreams.  For some it can even take on the sensation of a physical touch, kiss and even smell, even without their twin being present.

They might start having dreams about the other in quite romantic and intimate situations and may end up day dreaming about each other and this would definitely draw them more and more together.

Twin flame energy is undeniable, once awaken can not be shut down.  The energy of the twin flame is connected to spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.  You know on a deep level once you have meet your twin flame, your life will never be the same again and neither will you.

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