Home & Office Energy Clearing

home and office clearing

Benefits of home or office clearings  

When heavy or negative energy builds in the environment we live or work in, it can negatively impact our lives in so many ways.

Through the energy clearing process I have developed, those heavy energies are lifted and cleared.  This enables harmony to be restored and enabling the space to feel comfortable and calm again.

Your home needs clearing 

  • If you notice when entering the home that you it feels heavy or dense.
  • If when you spend a lot of time at home you feel depressed or uncomfortable for unknown reasons
  • If you have just purchased a property and previous owners divorced or always arguing
  • If you are renting a property
  • If computers or electrical appliances seem to continuously malfunction without known cause
  • If you or your family member seem to feel uncomfortable in your home or in a particular room of the house
  • A general feeling of negativity in the home or living environment
  • If there has been trauma or grief in the family and home feels uncomfortable

Your work place or office needs clearing

  • If there is disharmony amongst the staff
  • If staff become disgruntled for no particular reason or without a reasonable cause
  • If sales or business in general seems to not be preforming as well as it should
  • If computers or electrical appliances seem to continuously malfunction without known cause

Clearing includes :

  • Locating and curing Geopathic Stress, Hartman and Curry Lines  and Vortexes.
  • Clearing negative energies and spirits

Clearing rods supplied will be charged at an additional cost depending on the quantity required.

Clearings are charged by the size of the premises and travel time. Base price $300.00   Please call on 0424 300 678 to discuss if you feel you need your home or work environment cleared. Look forward to hearing from you.

How to book

On-Line Bookings

For your convenience you can now manage your own bookings through this page. This way you can find a convenient time for you with out having to contact me directly. Please note on line payment is required to make your own booking online. Please click on the “book now tab” to make a booking
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