Energy Balancing & Attachment Release

Clearing Entities and Spiritual Attachments 


Clearing Attachments:  Over the years I have found that sometimes without the person consciously knowing, they are sharing their energy field with other energies or entities.

How Can This Happen ?

Our aura is an magnetic energy field. Like any magnet it can repel and attract according to the energetic charge.  We have all met people that seem to have a magnetic personality,  people seem to naturally be drawn to these type of people without consciously understanding why.  On the other hand there are people that are more likely to keep other people at a distance.  These types of people do not find it so easy to connect to people.

The same applies for spirits, they can become  attracted to people because of the magnetic energy field.

What can create that energetic attraction ?

The likelihood of spirit attachment depends on the strength of your auric field. If your energy field becomes weakened, torn or become frail and develop holes for many reasons.  Some of those reasons according to Sue Allen ( author of spirit release ) are:

  • Mental or physical illness
  • Surgery
  • Certain Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-psychotic
  • Stress/ Trauma
  • Alcohol
  • Recreational Drugs

My experience has shown that attachments can occur when :

  • A person has experienced extreme trauma.
  • When a person has taken drugs or alcohol.
  • It can also occur from the negative intentions of others.

This can then create a break in the energy field of the person & this can  allow an attachment to become part of the persons energy field.

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What  Does It Feel Like To Have An Attachment ? Although it can be different  everyone, some of the common experiences are:

  • People experience, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that seem foreign to  them.
  • They can begin to like completely different foods & drinks
  • They begin to have completely different interests.
  • They experience problems making decisions, constantly in two minds
  • Constant internal chatter that creates confusion
  • They feel like the mind is foggy or in a haze
  • Belief systems & values can sometimes completely change.
  • They can also experience extreme feelings that appear unexplainable or out of character for them. Ie: Extreme feelings of anger, sadness, fear or anxiety.

The Clearing Process Through the attachment  release process I firstly check to see if the person has anything foreign attached to their energy field and then move the person through a healing  process of releasing any attachments that don’t belong to the person. When this release happens the person is more easily able to make those changes  that they want in their lives, without feeling held back.  Some have described “feeling more like themselves again”. in general people feel better about themselves and their lives.

What happens After The Session:

Cleansing and Protecting is very important not only for you but where ever you are living. I will teach you some techniques for cleansing and protecting not only yourself but also your home so that attachments are less likely to occur in the future.

Home visit & clearing of the home also available

What can you do to strengthen your aura ?aura

  • Meditation
  • Eating well
  • Sleeping well
  • Exercise
  • On going Forgiveness of Others
  • On going Acceptance of Self

Please find below a power breathing exercise that clears and balances and energises the chakras to be practise daily:chakra

  • Breathing in to the count of six – hold it
  • Breathing out slowly with one long slow out breath as you:
  • take the attention to the third eye – breathing out counting to 6
  • take the attention to the throat – breathing out counting to 5
  • take the attention to the heart – breathing out counting to  4
  • taking the attention to the solar plexus – breathing out counting 3
  • take the attention to the pelvic centre – breathing out counting to 2
  • take the attention to the base centre – breathing out counting to 1
  • (repeat process daily for a minium of 5 minutes to balance and cleanse chakras)
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