Life Between Lives – Accessing The Akashic Records

healing5jpgYours Soul’s Purpose

Many of my clients have the feeling that they have been born for a reason. That they have a specific purpose for existing at this time, however they aren’t sure what it is.

Vail of Forgetting

When we are born a vail of forgetting prevents most of us from having access to the meaning, purpose & the understanding of our lives.  It may take many years of searching before a person discovers even some of these answers.

Understand your life

Some people experience events, situations or relationships in this life that seem painful, and create trauma & suffering that they don’t understand.

Giving Understandinghealing2

The soul insight technique is a way of discover answers to some of lifes mistery’s. 

It can be very helpful in finding deeper understanding of your life, your purpose & why you exist now.

If you are someone who has often wondered?

  •  What is my purpose?
  • What should I be doing with my life ?
  • What do I need to learn from this life?
  • Why am I born into this family?

Understanding Your Soul’s Purpose Could Help You.

What Is Your Soul’s Purpose ?

Understanding your souls purpose offers you the opportunity to find answers to these  questions in a safe and comfortable way.

How Does It Feel ?beyond boundaires

When I have taken my clients through this process they have found it to be both healing and enlightening.  They have experienced a deep level of clarity and understanding about themselves and their life, that they had not known before.

Please call to make an appointment if you are interested in experiencing it for yourself.