Treating Anxiety & Stress

Stress and Anxiety

It is normal for everyone to experience stress or anxiety from time to time, but when anxiety begins to control

you and keeps you from preforming your normal daily activities it becomes a serious problem.

In this video I explain why you experience anxiety.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Anxiety Disorder Spectrum

Anxiety runs along a wide spectrum, for some people thinking of speaking in front of a group of people may give them

butterflies in the stomach, but actually speaking to the group can feel like a heard of wild horse are galloping through their stomach.

When this happens the person has moved along the anxiety spectrum

The more intense the emotion the further along the spectrum we go

Anxiety is measured over a spectrum in order to gauge if a person is suffering from an anxiety disorder

Characteristics of Anxiety Disorders

Social Anxiety –

  • Extremely fearful of unfamiliar situation and people
  • Feeling overwhelmed when in social situations
  • Fearful of being judged or watched by other people
  • Unable to face social situations on your own

Generalized Anxiety Disorder –

  • Constant feelings of tension or panic
  • Difficulty focusing, sleeping and concentrating
  • Feeling tired or having low energy
  • Tense or clenched muscles

Panic Disorder –

  • Feelings of doom or loosing control
  • Stomach pain, dizziness and even fainting
  • Overwhelming sense of fear, usually irrational
  • Sudden heart palpitations or excessive sweating

Phobia –

  • This fear is focused on one thing ie:  fear of spiders
  • Fear is instantaneous
  • Inability to control the fear
  • Feeling pass when the phobia has passed

Anxiety Triggers

Irrational fear is the common cause of most anxiety disorders.

When a person experiences an anxiety trigger it sets off feelings of anxiety.

Sometimes recognizing the trigger is not easy

Irrational fears are held in the subconscious mind

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Hypnotherapy can help:

  • Take back control over your feelings
  • Stop negative self talk
  • Build confidence in yourself
  • Increased feelings of well being
  • Let you socialize again
  • Feel more confident in your workplace
  • Feeling calm and learn to relax

Do you need help with your anxiety ?

A few sessions is normally all it takes to get you back to your normal self again.

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