Understanding Empaths

What is an Empath ?empath

We are all born with a certain level of empathy, an ability to connect to and understand other peoples feelings. However being born an “empath” is a completely different experience.

As an empath myself, I recognise many of the clients that come to me for therapy or healings as  an “empaths” even if they don’t.

These clients come to me because they are finding it hard to cope with their emotions, or have cut off their emotions entirely.  They have told me that they have been overly sensitive to their environment their entire life, and as children they found it extremely difficult to cope with the world they lived in. An empath or someone empathic is naturally hypersensitive to the environment around them.

Empaths are sensitive people

They are often described as overly sensitive people and as children struggled to control their emotions. These people are continuously connected to and react to everything around them energetically, often without realizing it or understanding it.empath2 The feelings of Empaths are so intense at times that it can seem overwhelming.

Empaths often experience extreme feelings of exhaustion when they interact with others because they unconsciously taking on the emotions of others.    This often causes them to retreat from the world because they live with a constant roller coaster of intense emotions such as sadness, anger, anxiety & depression without logical reason.

The empaths energetic field is almost without any boundary and so the emotional and physical pain they experience comes from people, plants, animals and even the earth its self for some. No matter where these feelings are coming from, the person feels them so intensely that they can not distinguish between their own pain and the pain around them. At times they have described these feelings like an electrical current or simply a nervousness that suddenly overpowers them followed by a flood of emotions.

How some people negatively deal with being an empath

Some of my clients have told me that they have developed self distructive behaviours such as drinking alcohol or taking drug or even emotionally eating to try to block out the feelings that are overwhelming for them. Others completely shut down their emotions because their feelings were just too difficult to cope with.

This makes them appear to be cold and heartless to others and negatively  effects their relationships and their ability to connect to others. Often empathic people are very lonely and find it difficult to connect with people and the world. Many people identify themselves as Empaths, but few know how to use the skill effectively. When understood and used correctly, the burden of empathy can be divine gift.

How I help you feel comfortable as an empath 

  • By healing and balancing and clearing energy that is often attached that is not your own.
  • By helping to build psychological and spiritual boundaries so that you can feel protected and safe when you go out into the world.
  • By retrieving parts of your energy that may have left due to trauma or extreme stress or pressures.
  • Emotional healing enables you to open up your emotions again and find the connects that you want in your relationships & in your life.

Techniques & Tools:

I will give you tools and techniques to help you to consciously disconnect from peoples energy.  This will help you to control your energy levels so that you can remain more balanced after the session.

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