Understanding Psychological Issues


During the night, a child who wets the bed is letting go of what he did not dare express during the day. This is namely pressure placed upon him or her by parents, school, and other outside influences. Bed wetting is related to crying, for both are forms of releasing tension.

Help your child by taking away an extreme pressure or expectation you have placed on him or her.  Accept them for who the are today, not what you want them to become in the future. Teach them another way of relieving their tension. Show them more love and understanding.  This will give the courage to express how they are feeling and help them to let go of what they have been holding on to.

Depression (in general)

Depression is a state of severe oppression in which the depressed person tortures themselves with self-reproach and feelings of guilt.  Often they will also express themselves outwardly with aggression towards others. This negative response to others only creates further feelings of guilt and shame within themselves. Therefore further punishing themselves and continuing a vicious cycle of self destruction.

Depression can also be a form of refusing responsibility for ones own life. Such is the case of people the suicide tendencies.  Depression can also confront you when there is an area in your life you have not come to terms with, such as old age, death, loneliness, loss, extreme disappointment etc.

Look at the aspects of life that are causing you depression. Feel your way into it. Everything that life brings contains a summons and a challenge to integrate into who you are. What ever you are suppressing must be faced and accepted eventually.

Addiction (in general)

Addiction always involves a search for fulfilment. When you are not able to achieve that need for fulfilment we turn to other things as a substitute.

In the case of alcohol and marijuana, you are looking for a problem free world.  Alcohol is also a way to escape conflicts. People that drink alcohol often experience feelings of futility, inferiority and guilt. (Alcohol will only worsen those feelings).

Addiction to amphetamines or cocaine, which stimulates the capacity for activity and productivity, usually indicates a search for success, motivation and recognition that has not been achieved in life.

An excess use of LSD, mescaline, magic mushrooms and heroin reflects a search for kicks and expansion of the consciousness.

The answer to additions is to go within and find what it is you are search for.  There is always a path that will lead you to what you need. Our responsibility is to find it. Reiki and other healing modalities will help you to find the confidence and strength necessary to find your true fulfilment.

Addiction to sweets are generally due to a craving for sweetness in your life. If you have an excessive desire for sweet things, give yourself the love and recognition you are yearning for and accept yourself as you are.

In children an excessive craving for sweets can occur when they are not feeling that they are loved enough. If your child is always nibbling and eating sweets, give them more love and attention and this will help their cravings subside.


This indicates a lack of inner peace and tranquillity, which is the result of excessive haste, anxiety and the wish to do everything exceptionally well.  Learn to trust the flow of life, and remember that you are on a never-ending path to eternity, so there is no hurry. Be kinder to yourself and allow yourself the time you need to get things done.

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