Understanding Physical Symptoms

The information listed  below has been compiled from a range sources. It is a summary of various physical symptoms, with an association to the mental and emotional state of being. It may be a useful tool to assist with understanding a persons own state of mind at that time.  It also lists some ways to help relieve these complaints on a conscious level.

Headaches are an indication of excessive tension.  They can be caused by strong external demands but also by excessive ambitiousness and striving for perfection. Perpetual worrying is also a cause for headaches. You are living to much in your head. Regain your balance by consciously following your inner feels.Accept what happens without judgment.  Trust you are loved and protected by the universe and that all happens for your highest good. This will help to release the tension and create a space for peace love and joy.

Eyes problemsare an indication that you are not liking what you see in your life.  Are you shutting your eyes to a problem because you don’t want to face it.  You will need to look within and find the answer to the situation you are not facing.

Nose problems indicate a problem with our environment.  It is through our nose we feel the universal life force.

Cold When you have a cold you want to retreat into yourself because you cant stand the smell anymore.  Is there conflict you are trying to avoid or have things gotten too much for you to take. Grant yourself the time you need to rest.  Gather your strength to enable yourself to face the people or situations you are avoiding.

Sinus Problems indicate that someone close to you is irritating you. Observe the way you are reacting and accept it. Become conscious of your thoughts towards that person.

Earache  As is the case with all inflammatory processes, this complaint is caused by a conflict which is not being lived out.  In the case of earaches the conflict is obedience.  What is it you do not want to hear? Is there an area in your life you lack humility? Listen and learn, for everything has something to tell us. Remember to listen to your inner voice as well.  This will enable you to avoid earaches in the future.

Hardness of hearing This normally happens when we age.  This can also happens when we become more rigid and inflexible, less willing to listen and obey. Try to retain an open mind and be receptive to people around you. Also listen to your inner voice it will help you to open up to others.

Deafness  These are people who have closed themselves off to their inner voice for a longtime.  It is an extreme case of hard-headedness and isolation. Deafness will force you to listen to your inner voice and signals and to the life flowing within you.

Teeth problems in general show us whether we are able to assert ourselves and come to grips with things.  Bad teeth indicate you have difficulty expressing your aggression or either don’t want to accept this fact or you have difficulty doing so.  You often have problems making decisions and suppress your natural aggressions for fear of losing love and recognition. Accept yourself and your feelings of aggression and allow them to take place within you without condemning them. Be honest with yourself. 

Jaw locking can indicate holding onto anger and not being able to express themselves fully. Expressing your trueth with compassion and tolerance can release the need to keep the mouth shut.

Grinding teeth at night is an indication of helpless aggressiveness. You have a desire to take action but are not full filling this during the day.  Therefore the excessive sharpness of the teeth has to blunted away at night.

Gum complaints indicate an incapacity to assert oneself and come to grips with things. You are touchy and vulnerable and don’t have the courage to be assertive in your life.  As soon as you love and accept yourself you will no longer be dependent of the acceptance of others and will find the strength to assert yourself in you life.

Throat complaints indicates a problem with not wanting or not being able to swallow something.  This can relate to feelings of anger, fear or of being hurt and not want to express it. 

Breathing problems indicate a lack of freedom either by expression or of taking part in life. If your chest feels tight when you breathe in, or if you have difficulty getting air, ask yourself what is it that is restricting you and not allowing you to breathe freely. Its up to you to let go of whatever is oppressing you. 

Asthma When you suffer from asthma, you take in a lot of air but you have difficulty letting it out again. Because you give out so little it is soon impossible for you to take in enough and your breathing capacity gets smaller an smaller.  You are probably someone who yearns for love, but who has not learned how to give it. We can not take without giving. What are you holding onto and not will to let go of.  Give what you already have to others and new life will start to flow in you again.

Bronchitis indicates acute conflict and anger, or upset in the family or your immediate surroundings. The cough indicates that there is something that you unconsciously want to get rid of, or something troubling you and making you angry. Accept that each person has to follow their own path in life. Make peace with yourself and the life you are living.

High Blood Pressure arises when you haven’t expressed your thoughts and emotions over a long period of time.  You are constantly living on the brink of conflict, without coming to any kind of conclusion. A conflict shows us where we have to learn to let go.

Low Blood Pressure is an indication that you try to avoid facing problems. You lack vital energy and stamina.  It can also indicate an attempt to avoid sexuality. Go within and discover that you are strong and than you all be able to enjoy being active.

Stomach problems indicate a lack of trust. You can have difficulty accepting your feelings and try to avoid conflict because its too hard to face it.

Gastric Ulcers are caused when a person cannot vent his feeling they turns them in on himself. You are stewing in your own juices. Admit to yourself your yearning for motherly protection and warmth as well as a desire to be loved and cared for.

Digestive Complaints (in general or small intestine) indicates a fundamental fear of not being able to get enough.  You probably lack a sense of security and have a lot to criticize. You need change your attitude to towards life and adopt as  a more positive outlook.

Diabetes is frequently a wish for love, paired at the same time with the inability to let oneself be love. Hyper acidity is the result. People who do not love true sour. You are lacking in a sweetness of life and for the love you are unable to truly give. Let go of the past and accept that fun and games and love and affection are fundamental basis of life.

Liver problems in general mean that you may have excess in your life. Is there one thing you are doing excessively. Are your  ideals too high?  Let go of anything that is too much for you and find the freedom and understanding, love and trust that is within you.

Gallstones represent bitterness. Hard feelings and aggressions have now turned to stone. It is up to you whether your want to live the rest of your life in bitterness or whether you will allow true love to develop within you.

Skin problems are related to the contact with the world.  Ask your self about how you have contact with others?  Are you able to give and receive tenderness?

Eczema is an indication that an emotional or unconscious factor is irritating you and must be dealt with consciously. You are creating a barrier around yourself. Become aware of what is irritating you, then deal with it and then you will no longer need the barrier.

Psoriasis is like a suit of armor which is laid on by particularly sensitive people out of fear of emotional injury. Nothing can be let in or out with this impenetrable armor.  These symptoms manifest from a yearning for closeness but a fear of intimacy. The cracks and sores indicate that you have to open yourself up to life and whatever form you encounter.

Leg Problems With the help of our legs we stride towards the future. When we feel stuck in a situation or feel afraid of the future we can develop problems with our legs, this is our subconscious preventing us from moving forward.  Look within at the situation that is holding you back. Make a decision to resolve this is issue and stick with it. Once your attitude changes and you begin to move the problem you legs will disappear.

Foot problems are the same as leg.  If it’s the toes that are effected it may be a minor issue in your life. Once you understand the laws of the universe, that it is your fear of the future that holds you back.  Look inwards to face the fears outwardly and allow your feet to carry you into the future.

Neck complaints (stiffness of the neck) Our neck has to do with obstinacy and stubbornness. Person with neck complaints often refuse to regard a matter from different points of view and are usually unaware of their selfishness, rigidity and stubbornness.  If you learn to become more flexible and tolerant and to accept other peoples opinions, your neck will not become so stiff.

Shoulder complaints (in general) You have quite literally shouldered too much, and this has become too heavy a burden for you to carry. Take a look at what you have taken on, and see if its necessary.  Free yourself of this burden and your shoulders will know longer be so uncomfortable.


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