Understanding Spiritual Energy – Chakra Energy System

Spiritual Energy – Chakra Energy System


According to ancient scriptures the spine and the human energy field contain chakras or energy centers. These centers vibrate at different frequencies & each contain certain characteristics that are connected to different aspects of our lives.

Although we have no manual for life, we are fortunate to have access to the ancient teachings today, that give us clues and guidelines to help us live in harmony & manage our lives in the best way.

Our energy system is a subtle representation of our lives.  The more comfortable we are on the inside the more our outer world will reflect the same. When are energy centers are clear and the energy’s are flowing easily, our lives flow more easily as well.  When we work through our inner issues & challenges, the world responses accordingly.

By understanding the characteristics of each energy center,  we are more easily able to recognize the areas in our lives that need healing or tranformation.


I have listed below a definition of each of our energy centers, to assist you in understanding the areas in your own life that you may need to give more attention.


base chakraThe Muladhara, First or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum. The name means support, or foundation.

By connecting with this chakra you feed both your physical and spiritual needs. It gives energy to the body.  Through this chakra you are guided on your journey through life. Its function is survival and grounding.  It is associated, in the body with the large intestine, feet and legs, with the element earth, and with the colors red and maroon.

Human Challenge and Gift – to feel safe and secure in the physical plane, to manifest to meet our basic needs.

Soul Desire – to feel nurtured and nourished, to experience belonging to the whole.

Primal Relationship – with physical reality, the Earth, natural forces, body, feeling sensations.

Out of Balance
When this chakra is out of balance you may feel as if you don’t belong, you may feel disconnected from others or over concerned with your personal survival and security. Your experience of these feelings may come in different degrees of severity depending upon what you’ve experienced in your past.

Its Astrology Associations:         Cancer and Scorpio

Its Plants are:          Earth and Saturn

Its stones are:         Ruby, Onyx, Obsydian.

Some Affirmations to heal this Chakra are:

“I am grounded in the strength and calm of my inner spirit.”

“I share the light from above with the earth below; the earth sustains and heals me.”

“I recognize and honor my connection to the earth.”

“I draw the healing energies of the earth into my being and return to the earth love and light.”

“I am grounded in the knowledge that I am where I need to be at this time.”

“My life force is strong and grounded.”

pelvic chakra pelvic chakraThe Swadisthana, or Sex Chakra, is located at the sacrum – the pelvic area between pubis and navel. Its name means “abode of the vital force” or “dwelling place of the self.

It is associated, in the body with the genitals, reproductive organs, and bladder, with the element water, and the color orange.

This chakra holds the energy of creativity, pleasure, desire, procreation, sexuality, morality, and control. Your dreams fantasies and emotions are also controlled by this chakra.

Through this chakra you get your sense of freedom and being open to change. It allows flexibility and flow in your life.

Human Challenge and Gift – to bond and connect with others without losing our identity.

Out of Balance
You may have a tendency toward being over-emotional or very theatrical. Keeping yourself grounded may be difficult and you can get overly caught up in day dreams. Your creativity may become blocked and dealing with change can be difficult.  Frustration can build and turn into aggressive behavior. You could have feeling of being unsettled and stuck, feeling as if you have no choice.

Soul Desire – to freely expand – to effortlessly create.

Primal Relationship – with other human beings, emotions and emotional body, inner child, wildman or wild woman.

Some Affirmations to help heal this chakra are:

“I follow the flow of my natural abilities.”

“I float downstream with all life situations that come my way.”

“I change and adapt easily to whatever comes my way.”

“I follow my dreams and trust my decisions.”

“I let go of old negative feelings and open to new ways of thinking.”

“I welcome new ideas and go with the flow.”

solar plexus chakraThe Manipuraka, or the Solar Plexus Chakra is located, as its name suggests, between the navel and heart, at the pericardium (below the breasts at the V of the ribs). it’s name means “Seat of the Soul”, or solar network.

It is associated, in the body with the stomach, with the elements fire and water, and the color deep gold.

Human Challenge and Gift – to transmute the energy of the emotions into soulful passion for life i.e. fear into love, anger into action, sadness into surrender and bliss.

With the Navel Chakra in balance you have a stong sense of value and uniqueness. You are energetic and confident. People recognize your integrity and personal honor.

You enjoy a challenge, but at the same time you are not a workaholic.

Soul Desire – to experience the depth of emotions and transmute them into passion and devotion. To activate our soul.

Primal Relationship – with our soul and emotional body

Human Challenge and Gift – to connect with our internal source power and energy

Soul Desire – to ignite, connect with and focus physical energy

Primal Relationship – with internal source of power, identity, status

Out of Balance
With this chakra out of balance you can be manipulative of others or easily controlled by others. Your self confidence is threatened and you may have a fear of rejection. You can often have a feeling of anger.  You may lack energy to put your ability to put ideas into action.

The Fire Element
The Navel Chakra signifies fire.

Its planets are:  Mars and the Sun.

Its stones are: Amber, Topaz and Citrine

Astrology Associations: Leo and Aries

Affirmations to help heal this chakra:

“Through the fire I transform negativity into positive uplifting thoughts and actions.”

“With powerful enthusiasm I achieve my hearts desires.”

“I own and accept responsibility for my life.”

“I am confident and courageous in my life decisions.”

“The fire within me sparks the flames of great achievements.”

“I transform fear into confidence and strength.”

heart chakra

The Anahatha or Heart Chakra, is located in the center of your chest. It is the fourth Chakra.  It is the colour Emerald Green.

Its function is love, and compassion. It lies at the center of your subtle body and is linked to both physical and spiritual aspects.  It can help to transform energy that forms your ideas, dreams, and thoughts into reality. It enables you to manifest ideas.

You use this chakra center to touch others with love and compassion. Opening of your Heart Chakra enables you to give and receive the gift of love and compassion.

It is associated, in the body with the heart, hands, arms and thymus gland, with the element air and the colors green, pink, and rose.

Human Challenge and Gift – to open our hearts to the nonjudgmental, detached vibration of universal love.

Soul Desire – to experience unity, devotion, reverence for life, unattached bonding.

Primal Relationship – with higher spiritual power, our own heart and the hearts of others, the pulse that unites us with the universe.

When this chakra is in balance you feel free yet grounded. You are accepting of yourself. You are trusting and compassionate, not only toward yourself but toward others.

You openly give and received love, compassion, trust, and joy.

Out of Balance
If this chakra is over-active you become too airy making it difficult to be grounded. You may feel lonely and afraid of being hurt. On the other hand if the Heart Chakra is under-active you may feel weighed down with a lack of joy in your life.

You can become possessive or jealous, even selfish. With this chakra out of balance you feel unfulfilled emotionally.

The Air Element
This chakra is represented by the element of air. This is the chakra that will bring a “breath of fresh air” to your life.

Astrology Associations:     Libra and Taurus       

Its planet is:  Venus

Its stones are: Green/Pink – Peridot, Rose Quartz, Malachite.

Affirmations to help heal this chakra:

“I free my heart of hurt and pain.”

“With my feet on the ground I let my spirit fly.”

“I forgive past hurts and open to infinite joy.”

“I release the heavy burden of guilt and embrace the lightness of my heart.”

“The air of change surrounds me and places me on the road to joy.”

“My heart is filled with trust and compassion for myself and others.”


throat chakra

The Visudda or Throat Chakra is located in the throat, at the base of the neck between the collar bone and shoulders, at the site of the reptillian brain or lower brain stem. Its name means pure.

It is associated, in the body with the throat, ears, thyroid, parathyroid, with the element ether, and the color royal blue.

Human Challenge and Gift – to fearlessly express our truth and hear the sound of the universe.

Soul Desire – to be heard and understood, to transmit and receive the Truth.

Primal Relationship – with our vibrational connection with all existance.

Out of Balance
We this chakra is out of balance, it is difficult speak up.  Difficult to find the voice of expression.  This chakra hold all of our guilt and shame and if out of balance prevents the kundalini energy from rising about the throat area.

Astrology Associations:    

Its planet is:

Its stones are:

Affirmations to help heal this chakra:

“I free to speak my truth”

“My voice gives me power and strength to express myself.”

“I forgive myself for anything I have done knowingly or unknowlingly.”

“I release the heavy burden of guilt and embrace my power to speak my truth.”


third eye chakraThe Ajana or Third Eye Chakra, is located between the brows in the inward, center of the forehead. Its name means command, perception, knowledge, authority.

Your inner wisdom is housed here. This chakra governs both your conscious and subconscious mind. It allows you to see beyond your physical existence.

It is associated, in the body with the pituitary gland, eyes, brain, with the element light and also beyond the elements, and with the colors purple and indigo.

Human Challenge and Gift – to move from dualistic mind to intuitive neutral mind.

Soul Desire – to focus the mind, where one-pointed clarity and peace automatically occur.

Primal Relationship – with inner and cosmic knowledge.

When in balance this chakra is your doorway to all things of your senses and beyond. Your intuition is heightened and you can develop psychic abilities. You are not attached to material possessions.

You are able to learn from your past experiences and plan for the future. This chakra is the home of your rationality, emotional intellect, and wisdom. It gives you a sense of self above and beyond the physical world.

Out of Balance
If your Third Eye Chakra is out of balance or deficient you may lack discipline, have a fear of success, and have no inner vision. You can have difficulty recognizing subtle signs and may set your goals and standards too low.

Also, if this chakra is overly active you may not be able to trust or recognize your intuition. You may become self-righteous. You live in your head so much that you forget your heart, your heart and mind are not in balance.

There is no element associated with this chakra; however, you could consider the mind as its element, since the mind controls the senses.

Affirmations to help heal this chakra:

“I am able to see the big picture that surrounds my life.”

“I trust my intuition and make clear decisions from the heart.”

“My heart and mind are in agreement.”

“I have a clear view of my life’s purpose.”

“I listen to the wisdom of my higher self.”

“I have confidence in my judgment and sense of self.”

crown chakra

The Sahashrara or Crown Chakra, is located at the crown or top of the head, baby’s soft spot. Its name means “thousand petal lotus”.

This chakra is considered the door to divine universal energy. It takes you far beyond physical world. It is the pathway to your higher consciousness.

It is associated, in the body with the pineal gland & cerebral cortex, with consciousness and beyond the elements, and with the colors white, silve and the quality of luminosity.

Human Challenge and Gift – to tune into and surrender to divine consciousness.

Soul Desire – to connect with and utilize infinite energies, to know the unknown, to experience the transcendental meaning to life.

Primal Feeling – oneness, bliss.

Being in balance and open allows you to see far beyond the material world and into your true nature. The more balanced the Crown Chakra is the better your connection to the divine consciousness.

You will experience more joy, receive guidance, and be drawn to spiritual teachings. You will easily understand these teachings and they will feel like home as you incorporate them into your life. You will also have access to your intuitive nature and inner guidance.

Out of Balance
Being out of balance in this chakra will limit your vision of what is beyond your material existence. It may be difficult for you to connect with the world around you and to find the joy in life.

Your sense of wonder, spirituality, and creativity will be lacking. The world can be a dense physical place without energy. You may become very materialistic, stuck in the past, and worried about the future. Having material possessions may be your only vision of a successful life.

Astrology Associations: Aquarius

Its planet is: Uranus

Its stone is:  Amethyst

Affirmations to help heal this chakra:

“I am open to the joy of my universal connection to all beings.”

“I receive and welcome the intuition of my inner spirit.”

“I recognize the limitless potential of my body, mind, and spirit.”

“My existence moves beyond the material world and touches the divine source.”

“The joy of my inner spirit lives in me and is expressed through me.”

“I allow the light from above to flow through my being, enlightening my spirit.”


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