Understanding True Guides vs False Guides/Energy attachments

When we connect with our true guides we can feel supported, guided in this world, loved and understood.  For many people a relationship with their guides is a very special and important relationship.

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There are times when people believe they are connecting to, or hearing their true guides when they do not.  What they are connecting to may be a lower vibration spirit or energy attachment, that presents itself falsely to fool the person and miss lead them for their own mischievous gains.

So how do we determine a true guide as appose to a false guide or energy attachment.

I have out lined below some of the more common qualities that may help you determine for yourself if you are being guided for your highest good.

How to recognize a false guide:


  • A false guide will be judgmental of you or others.  The can make you feel evil, wrong or guilty
  • The will inflate your ego through flattery. They can sometimes make you feel as if you are the chosen one, “a walk in”, better, higher, more special or more spiritual than others
  • They will encourage separate thinking, more often telling you that you are right and others are wrong.
  • Often force their opinions on you
  • They will often insight fear or anger inside the person
  • They give little or nothing in terms of spiritual insights
  • They will discourage you from spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation, instead encourage you to do more self destructive kind of behaviors
  • False guides can be a reflection of the persons current ego, with all their defenses, opinions, rationalizations, denials and other problems
  • They subtly discourage ego change or growth, instead try to ensure that the ego maintains the same never developing mental, emotionally or spiritually
  • They will lie or exaggerate and be inconsistent with their answers
  • They volunteer information freely, often giving incorrect and inconsistent information.
  • The are often long winded. Information from false guides can fill many books, whilst true guides, practice economy of speech.
  • They may make you feel uncomfortable
  • They can encourage you to withdraw from the world, through creating thoughts of self doubt, self loathing, fear, anxiety and depression
  • They make you feel exhausted, seeming as if they are sucking your energy from you
  • They appear to make the conditions of life worse
  • They are usually quite theatrical, making grandiose claims about themselves and when channeled, speak with strange accesses and gesticulate in bizarre ways or cause strange body movements to occur in the naive channeller, who is generally sincerely ignorant of who or want is being channeled or the danger of the process he or she is involved in.
  • False guides will channel for anyone, without even being asked and will be inconsistent with the guidance given.

How to recognize a true guide:


  • They will probably, but not always have a personality quite different for your own.
  • They will feel peaceful to be around
  • You will feel balanced and energized after connecting to your guides because they are always connected to the universal energy source of love, light and peace
  • They will encourage you to lead your life into more spiritual practices
  • They have a feeling of love for the individual, they teach and guide with compassion,  care and wisdom
  • They never insist on you doing anything they suggest, they respect your free will, and your own pace for learning.  Any guidance is only offered for your highest good
  • They never volunteer information unless asked
  • They don’t judge you or others, they never take sides in disagreements
  • They will accept you for where you are emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • They don’t lie or give inaccurate information, nor are they inconsistent
  • They often give answers in a question mode so that you will gain your own  insight into their teachings
  • The test of love is the true test of your guide. If there is no consistent feeling of love and total acceptance from this figure they are probably a false guide
  • A true guide is a highly evolved being,  true guides come from the higher realms and dimensions, and always carry a vibrational energy of peace, love and light and will not normally be a relative you have known in this life time.

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Letting go of false guides or energy attachments:

If you feel as if you are being falsely guided or unsure as to whether the voice or energy you have been listening to is your guide, why not book in for an energy clearing to be sure.


Clearing energy attachments or false guides

When you book an Energy Clearing and Balancing Session with me it will allow you to clear your energy field of all negative energies connect to you.  You will feel balanced and be able to connect o your true guide and your higher self during the session.


To make booking to clear any energy attachments or false guides please either click on the booking page or call me on 0424 300 678.

 You will be pleasantly surprise how much better you will feel with just your own energy around you.

Look forward to hearing from you……. have a lovely day ………………………………

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