Understanding Kundalini Energy

[wpdevart_youtube]780US-K6w7Y[/wpdevart_youtube]Kundalini energy is the spiritual energy that sits coiled at base of the spine  when we are born. This energy is also referred to as the divine feminine energy called “Shakti” which is the Sanskrit word for power or energy.

During a life time this energy can be awakened, this can intentionally happen through spiritual practices  such as meditation, chanting or yoga.

It can also awaken through traumatic experiences and when this happens often referred to as the “dark night of the soul”. 

The dark night of the soul is a kind of death that a person experiences at the event of deep pain.  This painful experience shatters the perceived meaning in life…and can often be followed by a deep sense of meaninglessness.

The dark night Of the soul pain can lead down one of two paths

One is towards a deep spiritual experience and then onto the true path of spiritual connection.

The other path leads the person to spiral downwards into a deep state of depression where they can find themselves stuck in suffering, instead of the spiritual awaken that can manifest from the pain.

Through the awaken of the kundalini energy we understand what really dies in this experience of deep pain and awakening, is the ego’s sense of self.

Of course, death is always painful, but in the experience of the dark night of the soul, nothing real actually dies – only an illusory identity, the false self created by ego alone.

When we get stuck in the phase of pain, transformation can be more difficult.

To release the pain most people need some form of assistance.

With my hypnotherapy process, unique in its approach, I can assist you to  release the pain and heal into the next phase of your life.

It is as we move from the darkest hours of our life then we can transform and through this transformation we realize that what was experienced needed to happen, in order to bring about the spiritual awakening our soul required.

Through this transformation the death of the old self is left behind and the birth of the true self is created.

As this spiritual rebirth occurs the Kundalini energy is awakened.

The “Kundalini awakening” refers to the rising of the Devine feminine “Shakti” energy, this appears as coiled up snake which is wrapped around an egg shaped energy three and half times and is located at the base chakra.

Through the awakening the kundalini energy rises up through the spinal cord and activates our seven main energy centers or chakra’s.

As the spiritual energy rises it activates each of the centers that run along the length of the spine, until it reaches the third eye.  It is at this point as per the tantra traditional teachings that the Devine masculine energy “Shiva”,  Cosmic consciousness, enters through the crown chakra at top of the head, where it reunites the Devine feminine “Shakti” energy in the heart centre

And one becomes the living embodiment of the masculine and feminine in the 

physical form

and experienced an “awakening” of inner knowledge, or spiritual awaken.

Becoming a living conduit between the two worlds – spiritual and the physical.

Connection to everything and everyone.

If you need assistance moving through the phase of the “dark night of the soul” I am here to assist you back into the light.

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