Understanding Soul Groups

Soul Mates

A soul mate is a member of your soul group that your soul energetically resonates with.  We have all meet people that we intuitively resonate with as soon as we meet.  There seems to be a deep connection with the person that is hard to define.

I recall meeting a member of my own soul group only few years ago.  From the very first meeting we felt like family, we both experienced an immediate connection and bond, it was an uncanny feeling and it hasn’t changed in all the time we have known each other.

At the time my sense of curiously lead me to investigate my connection with this person by having a past life regression session.  Through that experience I found that we had in fact known each other in many life times,  and in one of the most recent life times we had been sisters.

Soul Group

These people are members of the same spiritual family as you and because of that share an intensely strong bond that transcends time and space. A member of your soul group is sharing the same frequency or vibration as you and this a deep connection is often felt immediately on meeting.

These souls have incarnated together over many, many life times.

Often through past life regression or the life between life sessions my clients have been able to recognise different people in different lifetimes as current partners, siblings, children in this life times, and recognise they are a part of their soul group.

The energy between soul members of soul groups tends to overlap and sometime can even enable each other to share thoughts, feelings, and even dreams.

A soul group is can be described as being comprised of Souls that are cut from the same “energetic cloth”.

I have worked with may families of the years, but one family in particular stands out to me as being cut from the same energetic cloth.  They have a very close bond and have a loving connection that has transcended all of their life’s struggles.

Soul Groups Names

Soul group connections can have many titles  – soul friends, soul mates, kindred spirits and also twin flames, the specific name doesn’t matter as much as understand that they share the  same energetic frequency, and each seem to have different functions and unique purposes.

Through past life regression clients have been about discover what these unique functions and purposes are.  They may begin to understand that they are still working through karma or are working together to supporting each other.

How to recognise a member of a soul group

A person you feel you’ve known “forever,” even if you’ve just met them?

A person you immediately connect with, without knowing why?

Sometimes knowing what the other person is going to say before they have said anything.

For no apparent reason, the person will stand out to you. You’ll be immediately drawn to them and their energy. Even if you lose touch with them, whenever you speak or catch up it will be like you have never been apart.

You will feel as if you are on the same page share similar thoughts and insights, and often values.

They will seem so familiar as if you recognise them, even when you first meet.  You might get a sisterly or brotherly feeling from each other. Deep down, your connection feels timeless, that you have meet a long lost friend. familiarity. You might have a motherly instinct towards them or feel a tingling through the body that is difficult to understand or explain.

Whenever you spend time with a member of your soul tribe, you’ll feel energetically uplifted rather than drained.

Time seem insignificant when you speak with someone from your soul group. You enjoy talking with them so much that time seems to fly by.

You can often share the same themes or patterns in your life,  such as abandonment, abuse, isolation, and other struggles will be shared between you and your Soul Family. Each life theme will be used as a basis for growth, advice, and mutual support.

There are some people in life who seem to weigh heavily on your Spirit – your Soul Group is the opposite. You will always feel seen, understand, loved, and uplifted by members of your Soul Tribe.

There is no need to hide, fake or pretend around your Soul Group. Your Soul Group honours and celebrates the “authentic” you both on a personality level, and a Soul level.

Past Life Regression can show you who’s in your soul group

If you are curious if you have meet someone from your soul group,  a past life regression session could help you gain that understanding. For more information call Donna on 0424 300 678…..

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