Understanding Twin Flames

This meditation has been designed to help you to feel the Devine connection with your twin flame.  It is will assist you to heal your heart for any lost or grief you may be feeling around your twin flame.

Many of my clients have come to see me because they are confused about being a twin flame.  Some are not even aware that they are a twin flame. They have come to me caught up in an internal dilemma, of not fully understanding themselves or the relationship they find themselves drawn towards.  Often this unexplainable feeling for the other person seems out of place and overwhelming, even after just meeting.

Below is a brief explanation to help you understand what it might feel like if you meet your own twin flame and the reason why meeting your twin can be life changing.

Understanding Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flames are said to have been created as a single soul but later divided into parts to speed up the souls karmic and evolutional process on earth. It is the splitting of the soul that has allowed each part of the same soul to incarnated into the world and simultaneously experience different situations; financially, geographically, socially to enable each part of the soul to grow and mature independently and ultimately speed up the process of the oversouls development here on earth.

Unexplainable bond

When the twin flame couple initially meet, there is an unexplainable connection between them. The magnetic pull towards each other is undeniable to both parties.

Some have felt as if they had recognised their twins name the first time they heard it; as if it was so familiar that it stirred a knowing inside that this person will be significant to them some how.

No matter how twin flames meet there is always an unconscious attraction towards each other. The connection is immediate, conversations flows easily and commonalities begin to show up very quickly.  Life experiences may be similar or patterns of hurt the same.  Very soon mutual feelings of deep respect and care for the other develop and a powerful desire to understand each other more, happens naturally.

Experience telepathy

Sometimes even after their first meeting the two will seem to develop irresistible feelings towards each other and begin to feel as if the other is with them physically even when they are apart.

Distance will not reduce these feelings because this is not just a physical connection, this union is spiritual, this pairing was destined well before they incarnated into this lifetime. No matter what path life takes the connection continues to draw the twin flames together, keeping them in each other’s thoughts no matter how far apart they are.

Some twin flames have reported experiencing a physical connection even in dreams.  For some it can even take on the sensation of a physical touch, kiss and even smell, even without their twin flame being present.

Twin flame energy is undeniable, once awaken it can not be shut down.  The energy of the twin flame is connected to spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.  You know on a deep level once you have meet your twin flame, your life will never be the same again and neither will you.

The passion awakens spiritual energy

Twin flame sexual energy is undeniable and different to other sexual energy, because of its purity and its vibration of unconditional love.  It is intensely passionate and loving.

The union itself for most is so deeply connected that it transcends the physical, it is the complete fusion of  body, mind and soul. Tears often flow as the feelings of oneness remind the two souls of their original connection. The activation of the kundalini energy is possible as the heart chakra expands into a state of absolute bliss. 

This connection moves beyond the two and becomes a spiritual connection with the Devine oneness.  As the frequency rises the two are enveloped in the energy of true love and absolute acceptance through all levels of realities.  

The conundrum of the twin flames connection

Once twins have been united they often feel as if everything will now be perfect, that the twin flame relationship will solve all their life problems and emotional issues.

But here lies the conundrum of the twin flame relationship. Once the twin flames have experienced the true union of complete and absolute love and acceptance, the ability to sustain a twin flame relationship is often not possible.

Circumstances and barriers beyond their control often exist at the beginning of their relationship  – distance, language, different social or religious backgrounds, lifestyles, other relationships, health issues and age differences.  These often block the path for the twin flames relationship, making a life long union virtually impossible for most twin flame couples.

Another reason why these relations are not always sustainable is that once the union has happened the twin flame can become a mirror for emotional pain and past trauma and can confuse or interfere with the twin flame relationship.  As feelings of insecurities and not being good enough, worthy or deserving of such love begins to rise up, the relationship can begin to break down.

The fragmenting of this perfect union now creates the greatest heart ache for the pair, because on a deep level they now understand the real meaning of love.  Even if they don’t feel worthy, they know that no other relationship will ever match that of their twin flame.

Reason for twin flame relationships

Despite all odds the universe has aligned itself to bring the pair together and so we need to look for a deeper understanding as to why such a profoundly loving relationship is not sustainable for most twins.

We first must consider why the original soul needed to create separate parts before this incarnation. The soul wanted to speed up its spiritual evolution and so assigned each twin flame its own path and own individual purpose in this lifetime.

If the pair has not completed their individual purpose prior to meeting their twin and choose to only focus on each other, each soul will not experience the full level of growth it needs to experience in this life time, and so something needs changes.

This is often the reason why the twin flame relationship can not be sustained and why the pair become the mirror of what each partner needs to heal.

So then why would twin flames meet if not to be together?

The twin flame’s relationship is not often to share a life together, its purpose is more likely to awaken the ability to experience real love and recognise the truth – We are all loveable, worthy and deserving of unconditional love for self.

In this life we are each responsible to heal our selves and once the twin flame has experienced unconditional love and acceptance from another it is more possible to work towards self love and acceptance for the twin flame.

Working on yourself and your own path towards self love and acceptance is the true purpose and path of the twin flame soul. 

Some areas of healing that are highlighted during a twin flame relationship

The relationship can be a mirror to highlight the light and the darkness within each partner.

The neediness of the twin flame relationship created by the yarning to return to the frequency and energy of unconditional love, often creates wants and needs in the other that are unobtainable.

Insecurities may arise with a sense of not being good enough, not worthy of love or not loveable enough, when faced with unconditional love.

Trust issues may be triggered by past hurts, confusing the true love of a twin flame with that of someone from your past.

Commitment issues from childhood may prevent you from accepting the love being shown to you in your twin relationship and you might have the urge to run away.

Heal yourself through your twin flame love 

Let the love you have for your twin flame show you, your real worth.

Let your twin flame give you the courage you need to work on your ability to truly love and accept yourself as much as you have loved and accepted your twin flame.

Heal your unhealthy relationship patterns and learn to lean towards each other and not pull away from the love you have for each other.

Remember transformation and healing is possible.

If you are ready to heal and find self love and acceptance, or needing to heal your heart from a twin flame break up,  please call on 0424 300 678 and book a spiritual hypnosis session or a couples counselling session. Remember I am here to help.

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