Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy was developed in the 1990’s by Francine Shapiro and is widely used by psychotherapist around the world.

When is it used
It is an evidence based, direct treatment commonly used for anxiety, phobias and PTSD. As well as being very effective for changing negative thought patterns and alleviating negative emotions associated with those thoughts.

What to Expect
In the beginning of therapy, you will have an opportunity to discuss your issues and symptoms.

You will learn techniques to help you deal with disturbing feelings and I will guide you through a process known as desensitization

Future sessions are devoted to reinforcing and strengthening positive feelings and beliefs until you get to a point where you can bring up memories of the traumatic event without experiencing the negativity that brought you to therapy in the first place.

How It Works
The goal of EMDR is to fully process past experiences and sort out the emotions attached to those experiences. Negative thoughts and feelings that are no longer useful are replaced with positive thoughts and feelings that will encourage healthier behavior and social interactions. Ultimately, you will learn how to handle situations more easily.

EMDR therapy occurs in eight phases:

1) History and treatment planning

2) Preparation, to establish trust and explain the treatment in-depth

3) Assessment, to establish negative feelings and identify positive replacements

4) Desensitization, which includes the eye movement technique

5) Installation, to strengthen positive replacements

6) Body scan, to see if the client is now able to bring up memories of trauma without experiencing negative feelings that are no longer relevant, or if reprocessing is necessary

7) Closure, which occurs at the end of every session

8) Re-evaluation, which occurs at the beginning of every session

How Many Sessions?
With EMDR the sessions are progressive and the process will build each time we work together. To develop coping skills and be able to regulate your emotions more easily may take time but its a skill that is definitely worth developing.

You may have lived with anxiety or PTSD for a long time, understand that for long term change it will take time. You can expect to feel better overtime and with each session you can expect to gain more control.

To book your first EMDR therapy please contact Donna on 0424 300 678 or for your convenience book online.

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