Healing Childhood Trauma

Psychological, sexual or physical trauma from one or more traumatic events can cause overwhelming amounts of stress to a person’s mind, body and spirit to the level that can exceed the persons ability to deal with or integrate the emotions involved.

On going trauma especially when experienced in childhood can eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences for the person if left unresolved.

What are the common results of childhood trauma?

The depth of pain inside a person from childhood trauma can permeate through mind, body and spirit.

Addictive behaviours are one of the most common ways people deal with the pain from the past trauma. Drug, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling and sex are typical self destructive patterns that people use as a way to distract themselves from what’s going on inside.

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks can all be signs of unconscious trauma from childhood experiences.

Low self esteem, lacking self worth, not feeling good enough or lovable and a general feeling of hopelessness can also be a result of childhood trauma.

The inability to set healthy boundaries and recognize a persons own needs or express them in healthy way are another result from ongoing trauma from childhood.

An inability to connect or commit to intimate relationships or a feeling of restlessness or general dissatisfaction within relationships, can also be a result of the abuse a person has experienced from those primary carer’s in life.

According to Gabor Mate’ a world leading expert in childhood trauma a person will shut down emotionally and the lead on effect from impacts a persons immune system and nervous system. This can lead to physical illness later on in life he says.

The experiences of on going high levels of stress in childhood creates a sense of disease within the mind, body and spirit of the person.

Healing from the trauma

When the trauma is over and the learning is recognized on a deeper level, the pain and suffering can be over to and finally the person can begin to move on from their past experiences and find their true self worth and real identity.

Trauma has a insidious way of seeping into ever part of the person, so when I work with a person to help them heal from their trauma, I consider treatment from a holistic point of view

I use methods such as EMDR and hypnotherapy to heal the persons inner child, as well as spiritual hypnosis to release the emotional and energetic trauma held in the persons body and spirit. All of this assist the person to move on and heal the past, so that their past experiences will no longer define their future.

Do you need to heal from your past trauma?

If you need support and help to heal your past trauma then you have landed on the right page.

Don’t let someone else’s behaviour define who you are or your potential in life.

You deserve peace of mind and brighter future no matter what your past has told you.

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Lets work together so you can have a better quality of life.

You deserve it.

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