Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

All relationships can struggle from time to time.  Relationship counselling can help to improve communication and develop an understanding of each others needs.

Whether your are dealing with your life partner, your children, friends and even colleagues, communication skills are the greatest skill we can bring to our relationships. Through our counselling sessions you will be given skills to be able to communication much or effectively.

Learn better communication skills

Through relationship counselling you will be given strategies to build better communication and the ability to express yourself in a more productive way.

  • When we learn the art of real communication, we can be heard.When we are heard clearly, our relationships have the ability to improve.
  • As we learn to express our needs, wants and desires and listen to those of our partner, relationships can begin to improve.
  • When we stop needing to be right and learn that compromise is an important of any relationship, relationships can improve.
  • When we understand that our partner needs to become our best friend and not our worst enemy,  relationships can begin to improve.
  • When we learns to respect each others point of view, relationships can begin to improve.

Learn a better way to live and love………..

Common reasons why couples seek relationship counselling 

  • If you need assistance ask for what you need in a relationship
  • If you find it difficult to express yourself
  • If you find connection and intimacy difficult
  • If you find listening and understanding other peoples points of views difficult
  • If you seem to repeating the same patterns in your relationship
  • If communication is difficult
  • If your partner doesn’t seem to hear what you want

Who Needs To Attends The Session ?

Anyone struggling to communicate in a relationship can benefit from relationship counselling. Anyone from:

  • Couples just starting out
  • Married couples
  • Blended families
  • Parents and children
  • Business partners or colleagues
  • More…………………..

How does the process work ?

The first session involves the couple attending to bring forward the issues that have become a problem in their relationship.

I have found individual sessions are often required after the initial couples session, to help resolve any personal issues that each party maybe bringing to the current relationship, that they feel are causing issues.

Some examples:

  • ex relationships still impacting them today,
  • trust issues
  • anger issues
  • not feeling good enough or lovable
  • cant express needs and wants
  • commitment issues
  • and more………………

I sometimes suggest hypnotherapy for those individual sessions if it is appropriate.

When the individual issues are resolved, coming together as a couple makes the work so much easier.

As one person begins to change, it can create a positive reaction with in the partner as well.



Couples therapy is designed to build better relationships for everyone

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