This session is designed to help those that which to clear any spiritual blocks

It is often a great perquisite to an actual QHHT session or a past life regression session if you haven’t experienced hypnosis or had any previous clearings done.

The treatment can include accessing the Akashic records to clear limiting spiritual contracts if necessary.

It may also include heal ancestral trauma and soul retrieval if required.

These sessions are designed to elevate your energy and help you to develop a greater sense of self.

It may also help to increases intuition and have a greater connection to your intuition

The session is 2 hours

Healing spiritual wounds are just as important as clearing emotional wounds. When our body, mind and spirit and in harmony everything becomes a possibility.

Who would benefit from these sessions:

Anyone that feels emotional block and disconnected from themselves and are not sure why or how to change?

Anyone feeling lost or void of feelings or emotions?

Anyone that finds it hard to access real purpose or meaning and finds it hard to move forward in your life?

If that sounds like you or someone you know, them maybe you need to experience spiritual healing hypnosis therapy.

To make an appointment contact Donna at admin@theheartofthematter.com.au and start your healing journey today.

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