Spiritual Healing Sessions


Specializing in…

  • Chakra Clearing & Energy Balancing
  • Increasing Energy Flow
  • Removing Negative Energy & Emotional Ties
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Healing the Innerchild


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Spiritual or energy healing  allows the body to release any negative energies that may be causing pain and discomfort within the physical body.  As the body reaches a more balanced state it naturally begins to heal itself.

Spiritual healing  allows a person to release emotional ties to others that they could not otherwise let go of.

Spiritual healing allows the mind to relax and any extreme emotional thoughts and feelings to become more balanced and neutralized.






What you can expect…

Consultation – I ensure my clients are very comfortable and relaxed and are able to open up so that I am able to help release their energetic blockages.

Therapy – Through the use of reiki, pranic, access consciousness & shamanic healing techniques, I assist my clients to bring their mental, emotional and spiritual body back into harmony.

The energy healing process always includes a clearing and balancing the main chakra system:

7th Chakra – Your connection to your higher self.
6th Chakra – Your clairvoyant centre and ability to visualize.
5th Chakra – Your ability to communicate.
4th Chakra – Your heart chakra and sense of love for yourself and the world.
3rd Chakra – Your energy distribution centre. Your willpower.
2nd Chakra – Your emotions and creative energy.
1st Chakra – Your ability to support yourself and survive in this world.

chakrak healing

When the energy system flows freely and is in harmony and balance it can create the following:

  • A general feeling of well being
  • A sense of being grounded and more present
  • A feeling of lightness
  • Intuition flows more easily
  • Ability to express emotions and words more freely
  • The mind can feel clearer
  • The mind and the body can feel more connected

Time – Session 1 hour

(Also available checking and releasing energy attachments  – for more information ask when you make your appointment.)





Distant healing available…

Please note also distance healing is available to some clients.  Terms and conditions apply.  Please refer to the booking section for more details.


Please note healing does not mean curing, and therefore no guarantee is ever given as to a cure of a physical illness through any energetic healing modality.

Energy or spiritual healing works on the emotional and energetic body’s and this can bring about physical and emotional improvement for the person. However guarantee of the specific results can not be given.

I look forward to hearing from you….

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