Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Hypnotherapy


  • Past Life Regression
  • Life Between Life
  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • Connecting to Your Higher Self
  • Meet and build a connection with Spirit Guides
  • Releasing Energy & Spirit, Entity Attachments
  • Increasing Intuition & Inner Guidance

The spiritual hypnotherapy process that I use enables me to assist my clients to create a doorway into their soul energy and higher consciousness. Through this process they gain an insight and understanding of themselves, that they may not be able experience in any other way.

Through this process my clients have been able to create a deeper spiritual connection to the highest parts of themselves. This connection has allowed them to experience increased feelings of inner guidance, stronger intuition and greater trust in a higher power (universal energy).

My clients have meet their own guides for the first time and found the experience moving and very emotional.

Some people have also experience a deep healing at a soul consciousness level which I don’t believe would have been possible with the use of mainstream hypnosis.

I have observed through this spiritual hypnosis process that my clients experience increase feelings of self confidence, security, self love, acceptance and trust in the universe, that they didn’t have before.

If you are a spiritual person and feel as if you have lost your inner light, spiritual hypnosis with me may be a way back to your path.

Who would benefit from these sessions ?

  • Anyone wanting to increase their intuition.
  • Anyone wanting to understand and connect to their life purpose.
  • Anyone wanting to connect to their own higher self,
  • Anyone wanting to meet their guides or even higher beings.
  • Anyone needing spiritual healing.
  • Anyone that would like to connect to the universal love, so that they can find peace and acceptance within themselves.

I consider myself to be a conduit to assist my clients to connect more with their own spiritual energy and therefore am always amazed as to what my clients experience  through this process .

No matter what reasons you need to  see me, my intention is always to work with you for your highest good.

I always find it an honour to work with the higher energies to help my clients heal and transform their lives.

If you feel  that spiritual hypnosis is something you would like to experience, please give me a call on ph 0424 300 678 to make a booking.

Enquires are always welcome.

All sessions are 90 min and included counselling.

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