Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – Past Life Regression


Past life regression session

When you experience a past life regression with me you will find it is unlike to any other form of healing modality.

I am a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner I was fortunate to be personal trained by Dolores Cannon in 2011.  She is the author of many books such as “the conversations with spirit” and  “the custodians”.

What happens during the process?

During the relaxing regression process I will assist you to enter into a deep hypnotic state (the theta state), where you will have access to your deeper subconscious mind.

Through the connection to the deeper subconscious mind, sometimes referred to as the super conscious mind/higher self, you will be able to gain access to the Akashic records.  The Akashic records hold our oversouls blueprint of data for every lifetime we have ever had.

Through this transformational process you will be initiated into the Akashic realm and guided into a previous existence so as to gain the wisdom and knowledge you need to heal this lifetime.

Who will benefit the most from a QHHT session?

It is through this process of self discovery and deeper connection to Higher self  that a profound healing can take place.

I would recommend this session to those who have been curious about their spirituality for sometime.

It is highly recommended for those that have meditated or experience hypnotherapy before and want to delve deeper into their subconscious mind to discover who they are more fully.

Some of the questions that can be answered during the session are:

  • Why you came into this life
  • What are your most important lessons
  • Why were you born into your family of origin
  • Why the people closest to you are in your life
  • Why you can’t find love in this life time

Some of what can be discovered:

  • The cause of some physical illnesses
  • The cause of financial blocks
  • Life long Phobias & Fears

The benefits can be life changing. So many of my clients that have experienced a past life regression tell me it will stay with them forever.

What to expect from your session:

The session will run for about 150 minutes, this allows enough time to enable you to feel comfortable and to share with me what you need from the session.  It also allows the time needed to connect with the past lives that are need to be reviewed in order to resolve the issues, as well as the energy clearing and balancing.

Discussion process:

The initial part of the session we will discuss what you need to gain from your session, and the questions you would like answered during the actual regression therapy session.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis/ Past Life Regression:

Through this relaxing process you will gain assess to your deeper subconscious mind/super conscious mind/higher self and to the blue print of your souls journey in other lifetimes.  You can discover who you have shared others lifetimes with and any karma you may need to clear in the lifetime.

You can access to your guides, angels and other spiritual helpers and discover what you need to know that will help you in this lifetime.

Energy Balancing:

I always include an energy clearing and balancing during the session, to ensure you have fully healed any issues from the past, along with whatever needs to be resolved in this lifetime.


If you are considering experiencing a past life regression, think of it as a gift to yourself.  You will learn things about yourself that may truly surprise you.

Realistic Expectations

Although this is a very healing process its important to understand that the session may not fully address all your life long issues.  The sessions are unique and directed by your higher self and although I will do my best to address all of your questions the outcome can not be guaranteed.

These sessions require a lot of concentration and an ability to relax into the experience and trust what you are experiencing,  therefore I don’t recommend a QHHT session if you have not experience hypnosis or regular guided meditation before.  Please ask me for some alternative and we can discuss other options for you.

Coming to a session with an open mind is the most important thing to remember and an expectation that you will gain what you need, maybe not what you expect.

Where are the sessions done?

Due to the complexity of these sessions they are can only be done safely in person at my clinic.  I apologize for not being able to offer it to those not in Melbourne.

Important to understand 

If you are looking to heal life long patterns such as anxiety, depression or addictions a QHHT may not be your best option. I would recommend a hypnotherapy and counselling for these types of issues.

If you have energy blockages you may be better starting with a spiritual hypnosis session with me instead.  These sessions are also very healing and can address what is preventing you from moving forward in your life, as well as karmic contracts and agreements that may be holding you back.

How To Book

If you have questions or would like to book a session please email me at admin@theheartofthematter.com.au.
Please also note due to the popularity of these session that  I have a wait list for my sessions so if you are wanting to be added to my wait list please add that to your reference on the email.  Thank you for your understanding

In Person Sessions Only

Please note these sessions are only done in person.  Zoom sessions are not available for QHHT sessions.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please read the testimonials below from my very  satisfied clients ……..Have a lovely day………..Look forward to hearing from you.

Important Disclaimer

This process aims at bringing about a feeling of self empowering and create positive changes in your life.  As the facilitator of this process my aim is always to assist you for your highest good and to guide you through this process with ease.  However as this process is one of self discovery, everyone’s experience will be unique to them. Therefore I can not guarantee how you will experience this session with me and what benefits you will gain.


healing5jpgYours Soul’s Purpose

Many of my clients have the feeling that they have been born for a reason. That they have a specific purpose for existing at this time, however they aren’t sure what it is.

Vail of Forgetting

When we are born a vail of forgetting prevents most of us from having access to the meaning, purpose & the understanding of our lives.  It may take many years of searching before a person discovers even some of these answers.

Understand your life

Some people experience events, situations or relationships in this life that seem painful, and create trauma & suffering that they don’t understand.

Giving Understandinghealing2

The soul insight technique is a way of discover answers to some of life’s mysteries. 

It can be very helpful in finding deeper understanding of your life, your purpose & why you exist now.

If you are someone who has often wondered?

  •  What is my purpose?
  • What should I be doing with my life ?
  • What do I need to learn from this life?
  • Why am I born into this family?

Understanding Your Soul’s Purpose Could Help You.

What Is Your Soul’s Purpose ?

Understanding your souls purpose offers you the opportunity to find answers to these  questions in a safe and comfortable way.

How Does It Feel ?beyond boundaires

When I have taken my clients through this process they have found it to be both healing and enlightening.  They have experienced a deep level of clarity and understanding about themselves and their life, that they had not known before.

Please call to make an appointment if you are interested in experiencing a quantum healing hypnosis sessions

Please note these sessions are only done in person.  Zoom sessions are not possible.


An incredibly valuable insight into the way my past life influences are playing out into the present. I highly recommend the journey -Robert

“I felt instantly at ease with Donna and found her to be a gentle loving sole with a huge talent for helping others. My experience was awesome and what I came away with will continue to fulfill the rest of my life in many ways. Donna has a deep understanding and gentle guidance that allows you to accomplish what is required to move forward.
Thank you Donna for an amazing experience and maybe we will meet again.”  Peg

Last week, I experienced an exceptional Past Life Regression with Donna. Arriving with personal issues that have plagued me since early childhood, I was immediately made to feel at ease by her professionalism, deep compassion, and understanding. This level of relaxation and trust, coupled with Donna’s expertise, enabled me to have an extraordinary regression that was full of deep insight and profound healing. It was a revelation for me…made much more meaningful because of Donna’s capacity to reflect, summarise, and truly ‘meet’ me at a very deep place.

I am very grateful, Donna – Thank you!  Linda

Past Life Regression – Previous Client experiences

One of my favorite cases was with a client who suffered from claustrophobia. Her mother remembered even as a little baby in a pram how she hated going into lifts. My client and her parents had no recollection of any experience in this life time that would have created this extreme fear of enclosed spaces.

Her entire life my client spent avoiding lifts, busy shopping centers and anywhere that she felt enclosed. When she came to see me for a past life regression her fear had gotten so bad that  she was even struggling to have her hair washed at the hair dresses, to her that felt too enclosed.

Through her session we discovered that she had been a young girl in India, and during an earthquake in that lifetime, a building had fallen on top of her and she had become trapped.  She was trapped under the building for many days until her father was able to finally dig her out and set her free.  

It was the fear from that lifetime that had been stored in her cellular memory, and it was that feeling of being trapped that she had brought through in to this life time that needed to be resolve and healed.

After our session together she rang me from the 91th storey of  the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. Her husband couldn’t believe it!  

What is the most fascinating about this case occurred many years later. My client rang me one day to tell me what had transpired. 

Although she felt so much better after her session she kept her past life experience mostly to herself, only ever sharing her experience with her husband. ( Most people are still not open the idea of having more than one lifetime.)

After a few years my client decided to share her experience with her parents.  She recounted how she had been trapped under the building & that her father from that life time had saved her life and pulled her out from under the rubble of the building.

As she was recounting her experience she noticed that  her father look really stunned.  He motioned to his wife (clients mother) who also appeared surprised.

My clients father was apparently a man of few words, and after a fair amount of  encouragement he told her something that she didn’t know about her father.  In fact the only person that he had shared this with was his wife (my clients mother).  

He was a builder and handy man by trade, and had proudly been able to  to fix and build anything during his working life.  He confident to work in any tight spaces, small rooms and even move comfortably inside, the very smallest of roof spaces.

However he told her that day with hands shaking that he was never able to do any work underneath houses !

Does this mean that her father this time was the same as in her past life ? I can’t be sure !   It does seem to me, to huge coincidence if that was not the case.



Are you interested in reading  some testimonials from some of my satisfied customers ?  


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