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Your Life Story from Your Souls Perspective

Think of yourself as an infinite soul that decided to have an experience on this planet for your own spiritual development. There are probably many reasons why you chose this time, this body and this family of origin, and they are all important for you and your soul’s evolution.

If you chose to come down to earth to experience life, then it is no accident the you are here right now; and if part of your experience of being here is to learn from those experiences, then it’s helpful to begin to understand those experiences from a higher perspective.

Your soul wants you to grow through life experiences and the more you understand those experience the more you grow.

There will be major events in life that happen that you can not change or avoid.  These significant events, may involve important people or relationships, they can be positive or negative, but they have impacted you significantly in some way. 

You are a sum total of everything you have gone through and those larger pivotal events and significant people, good and bad have played an important role in your life story.

These are all a part of your souls’ evolution, what you have needed to experience so that you can grow and become more…….

Tell your story

So, think of your memory as a way of helping you to learn from the past, so that can grow from those life experiences and learn what is needed so that you can break the patterns of those more challenging ones.

You have a story inside you and when you begin to consider yourself as the author of your life you can start to create a better story for yourself.

Starting from as young as you can recall, and write down the details of your life story, in particular those major events and those significant people that have shown up in your life to create change for you.

As you begin to record these major experiences, think about observe what you have taken from them.

What can you learn from those experiences today that will help you to grow.

Consider what you might be holding on to that is preventing you from creating a better life story for yourself.

So, think about what happened during and after those event.

How did things change in your life? How did you change?

The more we understand the less we to suffer.

Observe your life from a higher perspective and you will begin to notice new things about your life. 

Can you see the hand of a higher power supporting you?

Have you notice divine guidance during any of those pivotal times?

Maybe now with reflection you can see begin to see how things worked ok despite the struggles.

Who are you today because of those struggles?

Maybe you have became more understanding or compassionate towards yourself or others and an appreciation for life.

Or maybe have you gone the other way and become bitter and angry because you haven’t accepted and come to peace with what has happened.

What about the people in your life, did they help teach you things about yourself?

How did you grow from all those experiences?

Reflect on your life story and see how different it feels as you begin to see life from this deeper perspective. 

What can you take from the experience of life, now and moving forward and what do differently to help create a better future for yourself?

Your life is your and you can’t get the it wrong. 

Just observe and write.  You might be surprised what you discover about you. 


Once you have considered the past, it’s time to think about the future. How do you want you life story to play out from now on.

Think of the things that have inspired you and brought you joy. What does you heard desire? Add these to the future chapters of you story, you might be surprised how many of them show up.

Remember to enjoy the process, you have a lifetime to finish it.


When we begin to see life as something interesting for our soul to observe, we can learn to appreciate ourselves and those we meet along the way.

Do you need help letting go of the past hurts or coming to peace with some of your life’s experiences?

Do you want to find away to heal and move on?

Do you want to start to create a better life story?

I’m here to help you.

Start today and feel empowered. Bring your life story to your session so I can help you through that transformational process so your soul can grow.

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