Understand Beliefs

Understanding Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are person’s ideas and perceptions about themselves, other people and the world in general. These beliefs act like a lens through which every situation and life experience is seen.

Because of this, people with different core beliefs might be in the same situation, but think, feel, and behave very differently about it.

For example two people can watch the same comedian and one could be laughing hysterically because it relates so much to their point of view and the other person can’t even smile, because they cannot see any humor in it at all.

Whatever the core belief is for the person, it shapes how a person sees and feels.

Harmful core beliefs lead to negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whereas rational core beliefs lead to balanced reactions.

Common Harmful Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are often hidden beneath surface-level beliefs.

For example, the core belief “no one likes me” might underlie the surface belief “my friends only spend time with me out of pity”.

A helpless feelings might tell the person “I am weak” “I am a loser” “I am trapped”

A feeling of not being worthy may create a belief that the person is not good enough. They might tell themselves “I am unlovable” “I will end up alone” “No one likes me”

A worthless feeling can lead to a belief that “I am bad” “I don’t deserve to live” “I am worthless” External Danger “The world is dangerous” “People can’t be trusted” “Nothing ever goes right”

Behaviour Consequences of Harmful Core Beliefs

Harmful core beliefs can cause many problems in a person’s life. Relationship problems such as difficulty trusting others, feelings of inadequacy in relationships, excessive jealousy, overly confrontational or aggressive.

Some other harmful core belief like I need to be accepted, can make a person to have weak boundaries and always put others’ needs above their own.

Harmful core beliefs are also linked to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, difficulty handling stress and low self-esteem

Facts About Core Beliefs

• People are not born with core beliefs—they are learned.

• Core beliefs are usually develop in childhood, or during stressful or traumatic periods in adulthood.

• Information that contradicts core beliefs is often ignored.

• Negative core beliefs are not necessarily true, even if they feel true.

• Core beliefs tend to be rigid and long-standing. However, they can be changed

Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to change those unhelpful and harmful core beliefs.

Hypnotherapy creates inner resilience and is able to change those negative beliefs and behaviours into positive and self empowering feelings and thoughts.

Whatever you harmful core belief and I can help you to change it. Through the deep healing process of hypnotherapy any thing is possible.

I look forward to hearing from soon. Donna

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