Understanding Power Animals

Shamans all over the world believe that Power Animals are spirit guides in the form of animals.

Ancients and indigenous people have always believe that their animal spirit guides help them in their daily lives by providing protection, guidance, power or healing.

Just like other forms of guides it is the nature and characteristic of the individual power animals that supports the person in their lives.

When you call upon the power of an animal guide, you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with the strengths of the creature’s essence.

Gaining understanding from the animal kingdom is a healing process, and must be approached with humility and intuitiveness.

Your power animals will communicate with you in their own unique way. Native Americans would refer to this as using the animals medicine.

Just like the experiences we have with animals in the physical world, power animals have the ability to show us unconditional love and protection from the spiritual world, but the most important aspect is the power that they can give you over your life and energy.

Does Everyone has power animals?

All Sharmen understand that power animals exist for everyone. Some say that your power animals will choose you when you are ready to see, hear, feel or sense them.

Others say that each person is already assigned an animal guide when we incarnate and that they are waiting patiently for each one of us to acknowledge their presence when we are ready.

Either way when you feel drawn to connect with your own spirit power animals you know something in your unconscious is ready to connect.

How will you know if they are your guide?

Your power animals can connect with you in many ways, even before you are conscious of your connection.

Sometimes they show up in dreams or through pictures or images in the mindseye in meditation.

Some people have felt particularly drawn to a certain type of animal without understanding why.

Some people have found whenever they are outside or in nature a particular animal seems always to appear and hang around.

Some people have a fascination with a certain species of animals and find themselves constantly drawn to watching them through electronic media.

Some people say that whenever they visit the zoo they always become mesmerised or interested in one type of animal above all others.

Some people have had recurring dreams about a certain animal or as a child had dreams of an animal they never forgot.

Do you need help connecting with your spirit guides and power animals?

Since everyone has spirit power animals it makes sense that everyone has the ability to connect with them

To begin to awaken to your connection to your own power animal it starts with you becoming consciously aware of your connect to the animal in the physical world.

The next step is to develop the ability to silence the mind so as to enter through the gateway into the spiritual world and have access to your own power animal.

Through spiritual hypnosis you can begin to unlock the deep subscious mind and allow your spirit guides to connect with you.

Those beautiful spiritual creatures of the animal kingdom are apart of the collective consciousness and are accessible when you are ready.

If you feel drawn to meet your animal guides and are not sure how, you can book a spiritual hypnosis session and let your world begin to open up to the ancient healing medicine world of the power animals.

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