Understanding the Shadow Self

I am sure if you are reading this you are curious about the shadow self and how it affects you.

If you want to understand more about the shadow and how it is formed check out my video in the link below.

So how do these parts form within us ?

Sigmund Freud said that our early childhood experiences and interactions with our primary caregivers will significantly influence the formation of these different personality fragments or parts.

Freud said that having loving care givers and positive experiences in childhood will help to  create the more positive fragments of self, whilst negative experiences and relationships will result in the less desirable aspects.  He referred to these parts as adaptive or non adaptive. 

Freud believed that the more adaptive parts, equip us with the ability to deal with life’s adversity more easily. 

In fact, he felt that the ability to be adaptive  is the foundation of resilience.

So, what happens if our early experiences in life haven’t been so positive?  How do these non adaptive parts influence us?

Jung however referred to the non adaptive self as the Shadow Self. He saw the Shadow Self as the hidden aspects of our self that resides deep within the unconscious.

These are the parts  of us that we suppress, ignore or reject.

Jung felt these shadow parts were formed as we learned to conform to other people’s expectations. 

Through these experiences and interactions, we learn to push away or reject those parts of ourselves that were not acceptable to others.

Throughout those young informative years we absorb everything we experience and it forms the basis for our beliefs – about the world around us, other people in the world and of course our self.

When we experience continuous negative experiences and messages from those around us,

These slowly seep into the child’s until they begin to reject the part of themselves that others rejected.

The Shadow Part Becomes An Inner Child

The shadow part is created  with an overarching feelings of disgust and shame, fear, reject, the underlying thread being I am not loved and on a deep level I am not lovable.

This child grows into an adult with low self worth. The fragmented inner child is lost, alone and feeling unworthy.

This adult has learned to suppress their feelings and needs  and has spent most of their adult  life  overworking, overthinking and  overcompensating in every way  to try and please others.  

Without a way to access these parts and integrate them the person can remain locked in the continuous cycle for their entire life.

The adult who had rejected this part of them self, now can not understand their emotional responses to other or the self sabotaging behaviour that prevents their success. 

This part is hidden from the persons consciousness – they are hiding in the shadows of their subconscious feeling stuck in this perpetual cycle of self loathing for a lifetime.

So what can a person do if they have non adaptive  parts  that are impacting their life in a negative way? 

Hypnotherapy as a holistic approach to understanding and reconciling the fragmented parts of self.

Fortunately there is a safe and effective way to access and integrate these parts through hypnotherapy.

Under hypnosis the person is able to easily access those Shadow Self – The fragmented non adaptive parts and those more adaptive parts like inner strength, wisdom and courage. 

Both Jung and Freud believed that in order for a person to truly accept themselves, they must first come to terms with all aspects of themselves. 

The shadow parts that hide deep within the subconscious, need to be brought out of the dark and be given the opportunity to be free, to feel love and acceptance in the way that all children deserve; and this can all happen with the skills of a hypnotherapist.

This powerful healing modality is something that everyone can safely benefit from.

People often wonder if anyone can be hypnotized and what it feels like. 

To me it is similar to asking if someone can imagine or dream, because this is the part of the mind we access when we experience hypnosis.

During the session I will gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation, and lead you through the process into hypnosis.

In this state, you will feel a sensation of relaxation and  disassociation, this is because you are drifting somewhere between the conscious and the subconscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy allows you to access and heal past lives

Here in this very calm and blissful state you have ability access to all fragments of yourself, this can include those parts from previous lives that need healing.

Under hypnosis the person  has the ability to access and draw on  those more adaptive resourceful parts like motivation and confidence as well as heal those non adaptive parts that need to be integrated.

Hypnotherapy Heals Trauma

Through hypnotherapy you can release any of those repressed or difficult memories.

Let go of those uncomfortable emotions and change those self limiting beliefs all held within the fragmented parts,  to bring about the changes that you desires.

When those  non adaptive fragmented parts have been acknowledged,  accepted and integrated you will  feel more complete,  more grounded in yourself and be able to live more in the present.  

How quickly does hypnotherapy work?

This is a common question,  but can only be truly answered within the person asking;  because it’s only once the person has the ability to access these fragment non adaptive parts and begin to understand themselves fully that change begins.

Healing and integrating of  those shadow parts is a journey of both self discovery and recovery.

If you are curious and willing to do the work you will definitely change. 

Remember knowledge is power.

 You already have  everything you need to within  to live your best life all you need is the ability to access it.

Learning to love and accept yourself is an amazing feeling and absolutely possible with the use of hypnotherapy . 

Both Freud and Jung agreed that self discovery is vital for a person’s overall sense of wholeness. To be able to bring awareness and acceptance to those non adaptive parts can be life changing.

Embracing your Shadow Self is not just a journey into the uncharted territories of your mind; it’s a path to personal growth, self-awareness, and emotional healing.

When should you have hypnotherapy?

If you are feeling stuck, blocked or confused by your own behaviours and are wanting to make a change then understanding yourself more deeply.

If you are still reliving trauma that happened years ago.

If you want feel good about you and your life  then  hypnotherapy is  exactly what you were looking for.

Always remember, the key to a more authentic and fulfilling life lies within you.

Embrace your Shadow Self and become your True Self.

Love and light to  you

Have a great day 

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